I am Essam Iskander and I am creative Painter.
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About Me

My philosophy and other things

Color possesses me. I don’t have to pursue it. It will possess me always, I know it. That is the meaning of this happy hour: Color and I are one. I am a painter. – Paul Klee

Essam Iskander was born and raised in Egypt, a great culture goes back to more than 7,000 years. Iskander is a PHD holder in Philosophy. He worked as a Philosophy Professor at Ain Shams University, one of the Significant Universities in Egypt, for more than 20 years. Iskander also has been working in the journalism field even before getting his MA in Philosophy and becoming a professor. He is a writer at various newspapers and electronic new sites, as well as a political analyst and a guest speaker on T.V. in the United States and the Arab world. He also has several books and studied that was translated into different languages. Iskander attains a unique background of education and work experience that includes philosophy, journalism, political analysis, public speaking, teaching and lecturing.


When Iskander moved to USA in 2011, he woke up his forgotten talent and started to paint again and shine through his creativity in ideas and use of colors. Iskander’s art is vigorous, daring and expressive. He doesn’t tie himself to a specific or one kind of art, however he paints all different kind of art as long as it conveys beauty and vitality.


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